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killherdarlings's Journal

Kill Her Darlings
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A long time ago, in a community far far away, pith proposed a challenge to her fellow discontents, former fans of Laurell K. Hamilton (LKH). Lo, she said. (Or perhaps it was yo: she has lousy enunciation.) LKH hath committed folly, for publicly hath she proclaimed that no more characters in the Anitaverse shall die. Verily, I say unto thee, she is foolish and ignorant amongst writers, for she refuses to kill her darlings. For this reason are we assembled, for it falls to us to right this most grievous wrong. Yea, we must kill her darlings.

Okay. So it wasn't quite like that. But it was close. Sort of. Anyway, we decided that the Anitaverse (and the Merryverse) needed a crew cull. The result? Fanfic that was hilarious and well-written—and in some cases, more canonically faithful than LKH has been of late. Since the response was so spirited, it spawned this community—killherdarlings.

killherdarlings focusses primarily on LKH deathfic—not LKH's death, mind you, but her characters'. Snarky fic is also welcomed. Absolutely no happy fic allowed. Violence, slash, het—pretty much anything goes . . . as long as there's death and/or snark involved. The tone can be light or dark, serious or funny, etc. Although we're primarily about fanfic, other fanworks—poetry, icons, vids, etc.—are welcome as well, as long as there's death and/or snark. This is NOT a discussion community: for snarky talk, please visit our sire, lkh_lashouts. For all varieties of LKH fanfic (not just death and/or snark), please visit our affiliate, deathink.

Fanworks will be archived in the Memories by creator and tagged by character. All fanworks must be placed behind/beneath an LJ-cut. Posts must also include a completed version of the sample header below, placed outside and above the LJ-cut.

Title: (please put the title of your work in the subject line as well)
Spoilers: (list the books which have the 'information' referenced in your work)
Ratings: (see the guide below)
Disclaimers: (acknowledge that LKH owns the characters and concepts)
Notes: (anything else you think we should know)

- Crossovers are welcome. Just make sure you note all the fandoms which you include, mention if there are any spoilers for the non-LKH material, and give a disclaimer saying you don't own any of the original creations.

- If you're posting icons and you need to credit someone for bases, brushes, etc., be sure to do so.

Ratings (please note that these are based on content, not some arcane age system)
S = sex (if explicit/"shown"; mere mentions don't merit a rating)
V = violence
D = death
I = incest
R = rape, non-consensual activity
S-I = self-injurious behaviour

deathink = for all your LKH fanfic needs, snarky or not
lkh_lashouts = for all your LKH snark discussion/news needs
not_so_human = Dedicated to the real Alphas of the AB:VH series
not_so_alive = Dedicated to the real vampires of the AB:VH series

All members are bound by the rules outlined in this FAQ, whether they read the FAQ or not. If you have comments, questions, or concerns, please contact pith at the e-mail address listed in the killherdarlings bio; DO NOT USE pith's personal journal or e-mail for community matters. Thanks, and snark on!